Friday, 13 March 2015

Free Blenderings: Bussard Ramship Mesh


   So this is a ramship I whipped up last night 'cause I was bored.  It took about three hours...don't know if that's bad or good.

   It is pretty much complete, but with no secondary details.  I may finish it, but I seem to let Blender 3D models go unfinished most of the time, perhaps because I can't render them.

   One of the blogposts I'm working on at the moment is a close look at the 'railroad' model of beam-riders, and the starship will probably look similar to the model, so keep a lookout.

The inspiration.  Image from Atomic Rockets.



  1. Hi ! I see you've made a hydrogen collector... well the design is cool! I wish I could use Blender like you do (tbh my current level is zero in 3D modeling). That's a thing I might apply to a spacecraft I've got in mind. But due to it's small size (barely 150m long), I already know that a hydrogen collector must not fit in (I planned on having a telescopic one, that can fit in a room-sized part of the ship), or must be too little to really work.

    As I'm reading your posts, I'm feeling that I have found another serious, intelligent blog concerning hard-science in SF. I use to go to Atomic Rockets and FWS for quite a year now ; so you've got the AR seal as well, that's nice ! I'd like to write a futuristic interactive book in French (that's where I come from), and while I was looking for information on theories & facts on this branch of sci-fi, I couldn't find much things in my native language : that's why I'm reading English posts by now. Anyway, I feel very interested in hard-SF and I do my best to be accurate in the designs.

    I might appear again and bring my thoughts on some of what you've written ! I like your work !

    1. With a collapsing scoop the amount of space it would take up might not be all that much. If a superconductor with high tensile strength is found and is used, the scoop can be 'self inflating' due to the magnetic and electric fields produced, although I'm a bit hazy on the physics of it. While telescoping is unlikely, it might be possible to wind it onto a reel, perhaps around the outside of the habitat spin ring.

      Blender is pretty easy to get the hang of the basics, although producing a finished product is quite difficult. Give it a go, Blender is free after all, so there isn't really a down side. There are also huge amounts of helpful stuff on forums and youtube.